Hi! I'm Liza

Hey, I'm Liza Lavine, a wedding and fashion photographer with nearly 8 years of experience. Born in Russia, I completed my bachelor's degree in Spain before moving to the USA in 2019 for a year-long internship. It was during this time that I met my future husband, making Providence, Rhode Island, my home.


My photography style combines candid vibes with high-fashion editorial, and my primary goal is to guide couples through their entire wedding day, ensuring they laugh, have fun, and thoroughly enjoy the experience. What sets me apart is my expertise in postproduction, going beyond the basics with skin retouching, shape editing, and more. The result? Edited pictures that wouldn't look out of place in Vogue.


Beyond photography, I'm a road trip enthusiast who has explored 21 countries and even driven from NYC to LA. My passion for travel inspires me to offer generous discounts for work involving new destinations.

Let's collaborate to create images that not only capture the moment but elevate it to editorial perfection.



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