Lode Coen

A photoshoot with Liza is like a discovery of one's self. It's not only about the photographs, which remind me of some of works of the greatest photographers of the past. She goes into depth into the layers of the deeper self. Like peeling an onion, I discovered aspects of my self I didn't know yet. Was I nervous? Of course I was a little nervous. And that's a good thing too, a little edge makes the result even better. I encountered another self and I saw myself in a whole new light, through the eyes of Liza.

She's such a professional, directing me during the shoot as if she was seasoned (movie) director. For instance, Antonioni (Blow Up), Eisenstein (Potempkin stairs) or Orson Welles come to mind. And the result, just jaw- dropping, and fast turnaround. Even so young, I was surprised by the level of her skills, expertise and determination. She has a no nonsense approach, yet she put me at ease and got the best out of me. This shoot definitely increased my self- confidence and will inspire me for years to come. And Liza, I'm confident there will be a great future for her in the stars.

P.S.: I can't wait to show these photos to my 89 year old mother:)


Before the shoot even started i was so nervous, asking what should i do with my hands, my legs, my head, where i should look, if i should smile or not, etc. Thank you liza, because you helped me so much, you guided me, relaxed me, encouraged me, made me laugh! By the end of the shoot, i felt so confident, so free, i really let myself go, i had fun with posing and playing in front of the camera, i really enjoyed myself! It was my first experience in front of a professional camera and i feel so lucky to have had this chance to express myself, and so impressed with how the photos turned out! It's something i will keep forever and an experience i will never forget. Thank you!

Vicka Klimt

"Thank you very much, Lisa! I really liked the result of the shooting, and most importantly, I enjoyed the process itself. You were able to make even a non-laughing person like me smile, and showed that I look great in the frame and without my moody face. It was very comfortable working with you, I was able to relax and get in the right mood for our shoot, which is very important so that I don't feel constrained.


Lisa, thank you for a well-organized and well-conducted photo session. It was very pleasant... despite the fact that I'm not a big fan of photography, you managed to create a completely comfortable and  private environment in a crowd of people (it was a public place). the result is such lively photos! This is exactly what I wanted... I wanted to capture this moment in my life, and you helped me do it! Thank you( and Yes, I'm waiting for you to return to Moscow


I had a photoshoot with Liza and it was amazing experience. She made me feel so comfortable like I was a real model.

She is extremely talented and very professional. She gave me advised on my looks and guided me through the process: how to pose, where to put my hands, legs and etc. I’m amazed with a final result.


Elizabeth, you impressed me! By the way, after the photo shoot, such inspiration appeared! I don't know how to explain it, but I wanted to look awesome every day, smile, you can say flutter. Spring has just come! Still, photo session therapy is extremely necessary after the winter. Thank you so much!


I fell in love with my self again! My husband said you are the best.Because in your photos, I look as gorgeous as he sees me.


After our photoshoot I want to fly! I'm so happy that you came into my life one day! I will buy a photo album and print photos from the shoot. All of them! I can’t believe that I can be so beautiful! I never felt myself so sexy and self confident


This was my first experience modeling and Liza was exceptional. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable. She gave amazing direction and the experience felt very natural. I was anxious to see the results and when I did I was amazed. Amazing edits and quality. I could not be any happier with Liza and highly recommend her for your photoshoot needs!


Thank you so so so so much Liza for all of these beautiful and wonderful photos ❤️ now I will forever have memories of this pregnancy..Pictures are worth a thousand words and I’m so grateful for you and so happy that I have these incredible pictures!!!!! You did such an amazing job 🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️

Tabatha S.

If I could choose all of the best qualities of Lisa for her work, I would! I hired Lisa as my photographer from my wedding and she was absolutely amazing. She took great pictures, logo felt absolutely comfortable, and also she returned the completed photos back to me quickly. I can't wait to hire her again the in the future.

Valeriia S.

Liza is a very creative and talented photographer! Our photoshoot with her was fun and very productive, as she had a lot of rent props and ideas for good positions. Finally, the photos resulting it were gorgeous, both retouched and corrected shots were unmatched. Thank so much for such a great experience!

Nicole Y.

Personally I think the photos speak for themselves! Liza is so much fun to work with. She immediately puts you at ease with great direction, guidance and encouragement. I cannot wait to shoot with her again.

Kara H.

We were new to the area and looking for someone to take photos of our family (we have a toddler and a newborn). Liza was so responsive and took such beautiful photos of our family. She was also so great with our babies and patient with us. We can't wait to have her take photos of our family again!

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